Package Prices or A La Carte available

  Wedding Package Prices

Engagement Photo Session: $200 includes CD With some edits and enhancements

Basic Package: Four hour Max, Up to 200-300 Pictures taken, Basic 11x14 Photo Book, Editing and Enhancements, $800. Cost of CD with this package is $50.

Standard Package: Up to 10 hours, 300-400 Pictures taken, 10x10 20 page Composite Press Book (your choice of Bonded Leather Black ,Vegan Leather Coffee Bean or Echo), Up to 6 hours of editing & Enhancements, $1,100. Cost of CD with this package is $50

Complete Package:                                              Up to 10 hours, 300-400 Pictures taken, 24 page 10x10 Composite Press Book (Tuscany- Premium Black or  Brown Leather), 150 4x6 Photos, Up to 8 hours of Photo editing & Enhancements, $1,300, Cost of CD with this package is $50

Premium Package:                                            Up to 12 hours, 500-600 Pictures taken, 30 page 10x10 Preumium Mosaic Composite Press Book (Polished-Croco Mahogany or Preumium Leather Bound), 150 4x6 Photos, Up to 8 hours of Photo Editing & Enhancements, Two 20 page 10x10 Basic Albums for your Parents, CD is Included, $1,700  

We also have a Budget Package: 3 hours max, a few Edits and Enhancements, CD is Included $600

  Senior Photos:                       Outdoor location (Weather Permitting) or in Studio if necessary  $250 Includes CD, Photo editing & enhancements                                                      

 (Prints are extra, see A la Carte list for prints)

 A La Carte Prices  

(8) Wallets  $10.00             (24) Wallets  $20.00                     (10) 4x6       $15.00              (1) 5x7          $7.00                          (1) 8x10      $10.00               (1) 11x14     $20.00                          (1) 20x20    $35.00               (1) 30x30     $65.00                   Also available in other off sizes

Preumium Mosaic Composite Press Book                 (Polished- Croco Mahogany)                                               10x10  Photo book  20 pages   $320.00                           12x12  Photo book  20 pages   $360.00   

Tuscany Composite Press Book                                    Premium Leather (Ebony Black or Antique Brown)      10x10  Photo book  20 pages   $300.00                           12x12 Photo book  20 pages   $360.00                       

Tuscany Composite Press Book                       Bonded Leather (Onyx Black or Vegan Leather Coffee Bean)                                                               10x10  20 pages  $260.00                                                12x12  20 pages  $300.00                                                      

Echo Photo Book                                                6x12 Photo book  20 Pages  $280.00                                     12x12 Photo book 20 pages $360.00                                     

Basic Album                                                Available in Fabric:  White on White Floral, White Moire or Black.                                                                 Faux Leather: Puter, Black or Brown                         Smooth Photo Hard cover.                                                 5x5  Photo Book     $65.00                                              8.5x11  Photo book $75.00                                             10x10  Photo book   $85.00                                             11x14  Photo book  $95.00                                                  For a hinged page Basic Photo book add $10.00    Additional Pages are $10.00 each

Full CD with Enhancements: without package is $100.00

Second Wedding Photographer for the day $600

There is a $50 non-refundable deposit to lock in your Photographer for your wedding day. Your deposit will be added to your final price. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.  

  Portrait Session: (Non Wedding), In Studio, Up to three changes, Editing & Enhancements included, $150 with cd $200

Prints, Photo books & Cds are A La Carte with Portrait Session (They are not included with session)

Model Portfolio: Four to Five Looks, Up to two Locations, Photo Editing and Enhancements, CD Included.  $550     (Professional, Modest Photos Only)